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Christian Montessori
Training Program

Get an education designed to change your life and the lives of your students and community

Training program outline


Our CMF Training Center for ‘0-3 Years’ is based out of the Grace Montessori facilities in Georgia, USA - lead by Christine Munn

Part One: Independent Study

Adult learners enrolling in the course will be given a list of books to be read prior to the beginning of the 203 hours of academic instruction. Upon enrollment adult learners will be given six (6) of the required books so they may begin reading prior to the first day of class. All enrollees are encouraged to take notes on their readings
and come to class with questions.

Part Two: Classroom Instruction

The academic instruction includes eight separate
classes presented through lectures, keynotepresentations, videos, and presentations of the Montessori Materials. Time will be given for adult learners to practice with materials and corporately work on some of the written assignments. Reading assignments will be discussed during class.
Classes include:
Montessori Philosophy and
Human Development
Environmental Design
Leadership and Administration
Child, Family, and Community
Early Childhood Overview

Understanding that each child is created in the image of God, the Human Development class examines child development beginning at

Part Three: Practicum
The Practicum consists of a full-time classroom experience of a minimum of 400 hours (over a five-month period) in a pre-approved infant or toddler model setting that provides the practicum student with supervisory support in the classroom and periodic observation and evaluation. The purpose of the practicum experience is to provide the adult learner with the opportunity for gradual, personal, and practical experience as a Montessori Teacher. It is recommended that the adult learner stay in the school for the length of the school year, usually 9- 10 months. During the Practicum each adult learner is visited by a Field Supervisor 3 times, or 6 times if the Practicum is Self-Directed. The adult learner is required to work in the practicum site for a minimum of four (4) hours a day, five (5) days a week, in a period of at least five (5) months. The minimum number of hours is 400. An attendance sheet must be completed daily and signed by the supervising teacher.

Part Four: Evaluation
In addition to three albums (consisting of class notes and illustrations), there are 12 written assignments to be completed during the academic phase. Adult Learners complete their practicum notebooks, a year-long project, 3 observations, 4 book reports, and weekly
reflections. A written exam and final review are required prior to being awarded the CMF Birth to
Three Credential. Grace Montessori Teacher Education has been fully verified by MACTE and is awaiting Board
confirmation in December of 2022.

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Photos below :

Adult Learners enjoy  the 3 week in residence

training part of the course.

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