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Christian Montessori Fellowship Endorsement Training

Most of us had training that did not recognize or ignored Dr. Montessori’s deep Christian inspiration for her insights. Most training courses do not introduce adult learners to the “Child in the Church” by Dr. Montessori, where it is quoted that she wrote to Cardinal Pompili in 1917, “Each of us is called to serve God within the limits that God has ordained, and in the form He has willed; and my service is the offering of my work. I believe that this method of education is the instrument God placed in my hands – for His ends.”

Our ten week course, starting the beginning of August, will introduce you to the profound Christian spiritual foundation of Montessori education and will give you a CMF endorsement to add to your Montessori certificate but more importantly will give you spiritual insight into the treasure you have in your hands.


Course starts Monday August7th at 8 PM Eastern, cost is $210, $175 for CMF members.


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Email  for more information.


A Pearl of Great Price by Edward Fidellow
Child in the Church by Maria Montessori
Religious Potential of the Child by Sofia Cavalletti
Spontaneous Activity Chapters 7-9 by Maria Montessori
Ten Parent Information Newsletters



1. What is Christian about Montessori?
2. The purpose of Christian Education
3. Principles of Montessori
4. Spiritual Prepation of the Teacher
5. Respect and Grace and Courtesy
6. Cosmic Education and Transcendence in Montessori
7. Spiritual Life of the Child
8. How Jesus comes to the classroom and Hands on Bible?

9. Personality Insights DISC #1 and Observation #1
10. Parenting


Papers: One for each week
Time Frame: 10 weeks

For: Credentialed Montessori Teachers.


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