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Hands-on Bible Materials

Christian Montessori Fellowship's exclusive, hand-made classroom materials

What is the Hands-on Bible?

The Hands-on Bible is a collection of handmade classroom works for your Christian Montessori classroom. These unique materials really bring the Bible's greatest stories to life! The figures are made of wood and hand-painted. 

Touching the word of God helps children internalize the eternal truths God has for us. It is more than just hearing the story; it is taking it in with every fiber of your being. It is a multi-dimensional experience, not only for the here and now but for eternity. What great joy belongs to the child when he discovers for himself who is the Good Shepherd!

The Hands-on Bible works are practical and colorful, engaging and faithful to the Biblical stories. These exclusive, handmade works of art are not available anywhere else!

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