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Support your training and gain insight about Christian Montessori education.

A Pearl of Great Price

“The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” Matthew 13:45-46 Montessori education is one of those “pearls of great price.” But notice in the parable, the merchant had to be searching for it. Many Christian educators today are not searching for this “pearl” because they do not beleive it is of great value. They have formed this opinion largely on one of three premises. First, they were not educated this way and if it were valuable they would surely have been exposed to it. Second, a popular misconception – “Montessori? Isn’t that where children can do ANYTHING they want?” Which surely can’t be God ordained. And third, “Isn’t that a New Age philosophy?”


Christian educators want to honor God with their service but have never had this “pearl” explained to them from the base of its Christian inspiration. For that fact, most Montessorians have never had Montessori taught from its Christian spiritual origins. “The Pearl of Great Price” the newly published book from Cross Mountain Press is designed to help explain Montessori education to people of faith and to explain it in the language of faith. It is a great book to give to pastors, board members and anyone who needs this Godly explanation of this amazing way to teach that God revealed to Dr. Montessori.

Getting your Money's Worth

A guide to the life-time benefits of a Christian Montessori Education.

Helping parents understand the value of Montessori in the life of their child.

Parenting A to Z

This new published book “Common Sense Parenting A-Z” offers the application of common sense with the insight of a Montessori perspective to help create a parenting plan for maximum success. Having powerful tools is a great step to parenting excellence.

Hands On Bible Materials

The Hands-on Bible is a collection of handmade classroom works for your Christian Montessori classroom. These unique materials really bring the Bible's greatest stories to life! The figures are made of wood and hand-painted. 

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