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Spiritual Entreprenership

Spiritual Entrepreneurship is a concept that defines the reality for Christian Montessori teachers. If you begin defining an entrepreneur as someone who takes responsibility for an enterprise, continuing with someone who sees a vision of what could be and adding someone who creates a reality of what is not yet visible by meeting a need or filling a void and reaching a goal you then have a broad definition of an entrepreneur.

A “spiritual entrepreneur” adds to this definition: one, who as a type of apostle, evangelist or ambassador, creates or authors a spiritual dynamic where there was not one before.

The creation and continuation of a Christian Montessori environment fulfills this dual definition. By taking the inspiration from God’s own heart (that He revealed to Dr. Montessori) and creating a truly spiritual environment where we discover both God and His gloriously created universe we fulfill not only the definition of Spiritual Entrepreneurship but fulfill the calling of sharing the Gospel through Christian Montessori education.

The goal of this Spiritual Entrepreneur is to aid the transformation of learners into full-hearted believers who marvel not only at the mystery of God’s love but at the awe of His creation, whether it is the majesty of science, the beauty of art, the order of math or the wonder of how words express our thoughts and emotions.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur lives in a world of both time and eternity – preparing children for now and for their forever future.

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