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Who will roll the Stone away?

That was the question framed in the minds of the women on the way to Jesus” tomb – “Who will roll the stone away?”

Stones are significant in the narrative of the scriptures: Jacob’s stone for a pillow, the stones for the tablets of the Ten Commandments; the stones picked out of the Jordan River to create an altar; Samuel’s Ebenezer stone; Elijah’s stones for the altar and on and on until Peter becomes the stone, the rock that Jesus was to build His church on.

Stones are significant all the way down to the most important stone of History (and time and eternity) – the stone that covered the tomb where Jesus was laid. That stone – that one stone became the focal point of the scriptures and the Gospel. Everything that proceeds that stone is only story and lore, circumstance, happenstance and history. The beautiful stories of the Old Testament – all the foreshadowing, all of the prophecies focus on the stone. The Virgin Birth, Bethlehem, the wise men, the boy in the temple, the miracles, the parables, the teaching, the betrayal, the crucifixion, the death – all point and wait for the stone to be rolled away. If the stone is not rolled away it is all a hopeless legend, a fable, a story (with a sad ending.) Everything from eternity is waiting for the stone – to be rolled away.

The Resurrection is waiting for the stone to be rolled away. Resurrection with its new life, new hope, new power, the life hid in God full of His grace and mercy; full of love, forgiveness and peace. But to get to that life – the resurrection life – the stone must be rolled away. Thank God – He rolled the stone away.

There is another resurrection story and a stone that blocks a different tomb. That tomb holds the resurrection power of education – an education that comes from God’s own heart. An education that frees the slaves from a different kind of Egypt; an education to reveal the Creator of the universe. An education to create the love, joy and peace that comes from knowing the Savior – the one who not only saves us from our sins but the one who frees our spirit to rejoice in Him and His Creation.

The first stone of scripture God rolled away. The second stone is for us to roll away so that resurrection learning can burst forth and change the world – one child at a time - by preaching the Gospel using Christian Montessori. Help roll the stone away by joining us so that together the children of the world will know Him and learn to rejoice in all that He has created.

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