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Connecting the dots!

Here is a Mission’s project for you, for your class or your school. Help us connect the Montessori dots.

Two years ago Pastor Tomasita began her Montessori studies with us. She would ride the bus two hours EACH way to come and study because she wanted a Christian school. She said she would even build a new building.

We eventually went to visit her church in the country (only an hour by car.) It is a humongous building. You don’t need to build a school you can put it right here in the church we told her. Barbara noted the rough concrete floor. We need to do something about this because that is where we do so much Montessori work. Many of you were part of that first great step – putting in a new floor. And many helped with the next step - building shelves and buying practical life materials.

We passed by the church a year ago on our way to another meeting. And God just seemed to say that these children would never get to experience Christian Montessori without the help of all of our friends. It was a very humbling experience to be part of “the dots.” Minimum wage in the city is $10 a day. In the country it can be three to four dollars a day.

In April this year we took the materials out and they began holding classes. They started with 6 children; several three year olds, and eight year old that had never gone to school and a seventeen year old with learning challenges. (Sounds just like Montessori!) They are making great progress.

Now we have a couple of more dots to connect. A Christian Montessori school, whose church was flooded during a hurricane in Georgia, has closed. Ironically, (God?) the only two rooms that did not get damaged were the Montessori classrooms. Bob and Sandra Ussery want to donate the whole school – shelves, materials etc. to the work here in El Salvador.

There is a big dot between Brunswick Georgia and El Salvador to help this ministry continue. Shipping costs are $3800 plus whatever fees and costs customs wants to add. Will you pray about helping with a dot or two (or a hundred or a thousand?) Bob and Sandra have been storing this for months now as we try to get our “dots” in a row.

The little children of “San Marino Christian Montessori School” will be blessed by your generosity.

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