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Vision beyond our means

Vision: the ability to see. The ability to see what is in front of you. Jesus healed the blind man at Bethsaida. “Do you see anything?” He asks. “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” “Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes.” And he saw clearly. Mark 8:22-25. It is often the second touch that allows us to see clearly. It is the same spiritually where a second touch allows us to see clearly what is not “yet” there. This kind of vision is not based in reality – it is based in eternity. Our challenge when given a second touch vision is not to fall back on what we see and let that determine what we cannot “yet” see. The challenge is not to take into account our resources, abilities and opportunities and not to follow the wise teaching that says “which of you who sets out to build a tower, doesn’t consider his resources to make sure he has enough to finish.” We are challenged to take into account the resources (which we cannot “yet” see) of the one who gives the vision. His visions are beyond our means – because they are His visions and He shares them with us. Visions so big, so beyond our sight that they are invisible to us until we can see through His eyes. In 1983 the Christian MontessoriFellowship was started to network Christians in Montessori education. There were few “Christian” Montessori schools. Now, there are almost 400, a small number out of the 4500 Montessori schools in the US

In 2002 there was a call to begin to train Christian Montessori teachers so our annual conference was expanded to include regional teaching conferences. In 2006 the video portion of the training was started. In 2008, the first ChristianMontessori course was started. Now, ten years later, comes the launch of a network of ChristianMontessori training centers across the US and the world. To start thousands of Christian Montessorischools will require thousands of teachers which will require multitudes of training centers, which will require the support of the Christian Montessori community. What part of the vision might God call you to? This week we see the launch of eight training centers in the US who will be using Christian MontessoriFellowship training to begin to reach a goal beyond our sight – but not beyond God’s vision. Is this something that God might stir your heart to be part of?

Join us in sharing our goal - to preach the Gospel using ChristianMontessori education to transform the world one child at a time.

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