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 CMF Committee structure 


Sarah Morse

  1. Venue

  2. Food

  3. Pricing (working with finance committee)

  4. Budget (working with finance committee)

  5. Packets: Schedule, handouts  (paper, digital)

  6. Contract services – audio, video, internet

  7. Determine program (working with educational committee)

  8. Registrations (working with office)

  9. Conference activity                                                                                                                                      

  10. Follow up



Sharon Hundley


  1. Cooperate on conference agenda

  2. Review training program

  3. Participate in training

  4. Establish and maintain criteria for training centers

  5. Suggest CMF educational offerings

  • Regional conferences

  • On-line seminars, webinars

  • Book club

  • Faith component of Montessori training

  • Christian Montessori School Management program

  • Hands on Bible

  6. Establish program for quarterly member meetings

  7. Establish agenda for monthly SMP forums

  8. Contribute to CMF information hub

  9.  Homeschooling 



  1. Encourage individual memberships

  2. Data base creation and maintenance

  3. Support, create, enhance individual membership program benefits (working with           marketing/education  committees

  • Index and access to 20 years of “The Fourth Period Lesson”

  • CMF friends directory

  • CMF school directory

  • CMF members directory

  • Discounts on conferences and materials

  4. Quarterly zoom meetings (working with education committee)

  5. Encourage CMF school memberships. Strategic Montessori Parenting is the entry to membership.

  • All the benefits of SMP

  • Plus access to 40 years of conference audios

  • Quarterly administrators meeting

  6. Establish and define school membership levels and criteria

  • Initial

  • Associate

  • Full

  7. SMP has both a secular and parochial branch both need to be encouraged and marketed

  8. Recruit committee members

Marketing – communication

Christine Munn                                                                                                    

Kaye Boehning 

  1. Develop and implement the Fellowship communication calendar

    • Monthly “news” letter

    • Fourth Period Lesson

  2. Social Media

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

  3. Development and implement the CMF and SMP marketing calendar

    • Individual Membership

    • School memberships

    • Conference

    • Educational offerings

  4. Maintain and add to the CMF information hub

  5. Coordinate with membership, education, conference committees


Dan Rounds 

  1. CMF prayer meetings

  2. Spiritual component of training (working with education committee)

  3. Spiritual component of conference (working with conference committee and education committee)

  4. Missions


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