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Connect with Christian Montessori Fellowship, and get tools and inspiration at an upcoming conference.

The Annual Christian Montessori Fellowship Conference,


January 13th-15th 2023

Don't miss our annual conference! Open to teachers, school leadership and others, the annual Christian Montessori Fellowship conference is where you get hands-on training, connect with school leaders and individuals, and gain deeper insight into God's heart for this special learning opportunity.


Conference location

Menger Hotel    San Antonio, TX   



Hotel cost: $177.46 (tax included)

Conference registration

Regular Registration                                                     $625

Early Bird Registration   September 15th                 $550

Early Bird Registration for members                        $500



Conference registration includes three breakfasts, two lunches,

Friday dinner and the Saturday evening banquet.


Preliminary Conference Program

Friday January 13th


6:30 A.M.         Breakfast – Colonial Dining Room 6:30 – 8:25


Minuet Room

  8:30 A.M.       Opening 

 9:00 A.M.        Contemporary Montessori History - Group Introduction


Colonial Dining Room

11:30 A.M.       Lunch – Colonial Dining Room

12:30 P.M.       Contemporary Montessori Problems - Roundtable


Minuet Room

2:00 P.M.       Restoring Montessori Education

3:00 P.M.       TBA

4:00 P.M.       Break

4:15 P.M.        TBA

5:15 P.M.        TBA       

6:15P.M.         Break for the afternoon                                                    

7:00 P.M.       Dinner:  Mexican on the River


Saturday January 14th

6:30 A.M.       Breakfast – Colonial Dining Room 6:30 – 8:25


Minuet Room

 8:30 A.M.        Opening 

9:00 A.M.         TBA

10:10 A.M.        Break

10:20 A.M.        TBA


Colonial Dining Room

11:30 P.M.         Lunch                                                                        

12:30 P.M.        Contemporary Montessori Solutions - Roundtable

Teddy Roosevelt Suite

1:30 P.M.         Elementary round table  

2:30 P.M          Elementary round table     

Patio Room

1:30 P.M.        Administrators round table

2:30 P.M.        Administrators round table


Grant Room

1:30  P.M.        Infant - Toddler round table 

2:30 P.M.         Infant - Toddler round table 

Minuet Room

1:30 P.M.           Pre-school round table

2:30 P.M.          Pre-school round table       

3:30 P.M.          Break

3:45 P.M.          TBA                

4:45 P.M.          TBA

5:45 P.M.          Break for the afternoon                                                                  

6:30 P.M.          Banquet: Menger Hotel

Sunday January 15th 

6:30 A.M.       Breakfast – Colonial Dining Room 6:30 – 8:25

Minuet Room

8:30 A.M.        Opening

9:00 A.M.        TBA

10:10 A.M.       Break

10:20 A.M.      TBA

11:30 A.M.       Lessons We’ve Learned - Panel

12:30 P.M.       End of conference