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Christian Montessori
Training Program

Get an education designed to change your life and the lives of your students and community

Training program outline


Part One: Lectures and Discussions

What is Christian about Montessori?
The Purpose of Christian Education
Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher
Principles of Montessori
Role of the Teacher, Stewardship, Modeling
Prepared Environment, Nature, Order, Coherence
Grace and Courtesy
Practical Life
Sensitive Periods
Meeting the Child’s Needs, Time, Hands On, Work
Role of the Child, Community, Child as Teacher
Freedom, Choice, Exploration, Discovery, Responsibility
Movement, The Line, Silence
Cosmic Education
Spiritual Life of the Child
How Jesus Comes to the Classroom
Hands-on Bible
Classroom Management
Classroom Management
First Week of School
Discipline and Deviations

Two hour weekly online discussion (80 hrs minimum)

Part Four: Reading Program


The canon of Montessori literature is required reading. This will enhance your depth of understanding, and contribute to the transformation needed to successfully fulfill the calling of a Christian Montessori guide.

Reading Program

  • A Pearl of Great Price

  • Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work

  • Secret of Childhood

  • Discovery of the Child

  • The Child in the Church

  • An Observers Notebook

  • Religious Potential of the Child

  • The Absorbent Mind

  • The Montessori Method

  • Spontaneous Activity in Education

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Part Two: Over 21 Hours of Video Training

Grace and Courtesy and Practical life
Cultural –Geography, History, Science, Music, Art

120 hours of on campus practice using the videos as a base of instructions

Part Three: Written Reports


You will submit papers to your facilitator on a scheduled basis

Report Topics

  • Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher

  • Respect

  • Observation

  • Prepared Environment

  • The Needs of the Child

  • Sensitive Periods – Absorbent Mind

  • Role of the Student

  • Movement, The Line

  • Principles of Montessori

  • Silence

Part Five: Practicum - a Directed Internship

Gaining experience in a Montessori environment. Four hundred hours of student  instruction .

​Part Six: Evaluation
Written and oral Evaluations



Part of the tuition for training is underwritten by the Christian Montessori Fellowship

  • Tuition: $6,300*



  • Access to all training videos

  • Digital copies of all albums and related material

  • Evaluation and certification

  • Tuition does NOT include MACTE Certification fee and books of the reading program nor costs for practicum visits.

*Monthly payments can be arranged.

  • Practical Life

  • Work

  • Grace and Courtesy

  • Freedom, Choice

  • Role of the Teacher

  • Classroom Management

  • Discipline, Obedience, Deviations

  • Spiritual Life of the Child

  • Normalization

  • The Purpose of Education

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