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2017 Fellowship Conference


The goal of Christian Montessori Fellowship school Affiliate is to provide support to the Christian Montessori community with training, encouragement and a standard for excellence.

Affiliation is not an accreditation program but an informational program to show where you are on your journey to excellence. When you identify yourself as a Christian Montessori program we want to help you set the standard.

Here is a broad outline of five commonly identified Christian Montessori standards that should distinguish a Christian Montessori school.  


#1 Credentialed teachers

At least one teacher in each classroom who is trained/credentialed on the level they are teaching.

At least one teacher in each classroom who has some form of spiritual/Bible training or a CMF Spiritual Endorsement or its equivalent.     

#2 Multi-Age classrooms (within your state requirements)

Infant class:  8 weeks to 17/18 months

Toddler class:  17/18 months to 36 months

Early childhood class:  3 years through kindergarten

Lower elementary class:  6 years to 9 years

Upper elementary class:  9 years to 12 years

(The goal is 3 year grouping for 3 years and older)

 #3 Materials

A percentage of materials from CMF approved checklist for each level of instruction in each classroom.

 #4Work Cycle

2.5 to 3 hours of uninterrupted work time

#5 Spiritual Component

A program of age-appropriate Bible stories and songs*

An area/shelf of each classroom that has Bible and scripture materials.

A significant amount of Hands-on Bible Lessons.

Three levels of Affiliation


The school is a paid, current Member School of CMF and has agreed to the CMF Code of Ethics (attached). The school presents itself as a Christian Montessori program.


Associate level #1

The school has a written and published Mission Statement and a plan for how it will incorporate the distinguishing Principles or documentation of their achievement With at least 30% of lead teachers holding a Montessori credential and a spiritual endorsement or its equivalent.


Associate level #2

The school implements the distinguishing Principles.  At least 60% of lead teachers hold a Montessori credential and a spiritual endorsement or its equivalent.

 Full Membership

The school fully implements all five of the distinguishing Principles.  At least 90% of the lead teachers hold a Montessori credential and a spiritual endorsement and a financial commitment for continuous improvement and excellence.

Annual membership fee: $250 


The benefits of the program:  

Individual membership ($75) for the director.

An annual subscription to the Parent information Newsletters. ($325)

Membership certificate.

A listing on the CMF website

Ability to post job openings 

Quarterly administrative meeting and fellowship.

Plus We offer our spiritual endorsement training at a reduced cost for your faculty who are individual members. 

Strengthening your school strengthens the whole Christian Montessori movement and blesses your children and children all over the world.  

Individual Membership


Your membership helps you serve your children in Christ's name by providing opportunities for fellowship, learning and encouragement.

Annual Membership fee $75

As a member of Christian Montessori Fellowship, you are part of a beautiful community with benefits that include: 


Discounts on conferences and seminars

Discounts from selected vendors

The "Fourth Period Lesson" blog archive and index of twenty years of wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.

Christian Montessori school directory.

Invitation to quarterly round tables of like-minded Montessorians for discussions, knowledge and inspiration.

Access to a new directory of Christian Montessorians around the country and the world.


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