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$997 Initial Fee

2017 Fellowship Conference


  • The Christian Montessori Fellowship offers a comprehensive membership program to support Christian Montessori schools. The program includes the Christian spiritual foundation of Montessori education, a complete program of successful parent information ready to implement, access to staff training resources and a unique program of personality assessments for use with children, parents and staff.

  • This membership program offers a monthly parent information forum for continued parenting support.

  • You also receive access to four live sessions that help with the implementation of a successful parenting program.

  • This comes along with a 49-page manual to guide you in the parent transformation process.

  • You receive an unlimited copyright license to use the 50 parent information newsletters throughout your school program as long as you are a member. 

  • Also an unlimited copyright license to use the 45 one-minute parenting audios as a benefit of your membership. 

  • An unlimited copyright license to use the short 32 informational videos throughout your program with your membership.

  • A printed copy of “Getting Your Money’s Worth” a 36-page booklet explaining the lifetime benefits of a Montessori program.

  • A printed copy of “Common Sense Parenting, A to Z” A parenting guide written from a Montessori perspective.

  • A sample DISC personality assessment for an adult.

  • A sample DISC personality assessment for a child.

  • An additional invaluable resource is the 40 year library of Christian Montessori conference audios which cover an amazing number of topics by gifted speakers. Wonderfully useful for staff training and staff meetings.

  • This Strategic Montessori Program has a value of $1997 but is being offered for $997 along with a monthly membership fee of $25.

Individual Membership

$75 per year

Your membership helps you serve your children in Christ's name by providing opportunities for fellowship, learning and encouragement.

As a member of Christian Montessori Fellowship, you are part of a beautiful community with access to: 

  • Discounts on conferences and seminars

  • Discounts from selected vendors

  • The Cobbler blog archive index. Twenty years of wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.

  • Christian Montessori school directory.

  • Invitation to quarterly round tables of like-minded Montessorians for discussions, knowledge and inspiration.

  • Access to a new directory of Christian Montessorians around the country and the world.

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