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The spiritual element of Montessori education

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Did your Montessori training miss the sensitive period for spirituality?


Did you read the following quotes from Dr. Montessori in your training?
“I believe that God gave me this method in order to advance the kingdom of God,” (Reported by E.M. Standing in the introduction to the Child in the Church)

The following quotes are from the Child in the Church by Dr. Montessori

“A teacher must be able to see the child as Jesus saw him.”- Chapter 4

“Then the education of the new generation would be the fulcrum, the central point: and to be and become a man, to be and become a Christian would be the supreme value to which all other external values would be subordinated.” –Chapter 1

“The principal part of man, his soul, does not come from man at all, but is created directly by God.” – Chapter 1

“Even in the presence of God the child must remain a child. God Himself wants it that way and that is precisely why He created him as a child.” –Chapter 1

“Obviously, however absorbent the child’s mind may be, potentially, it cannot absorb what is not there.” –Chapter 5
“A teacher must not imagine that he can prepare himself for his vocation simply by acquiring knowledge and culture. Above all else he must cultivate within himself a proper attitude toward the moral order.” –Chapter 4

“People are constantly asking me about this question of religious instruction – whether it should be long or short, determined by the teacher, or left to the choice of the children, and so on. They nearly always speak of it as if it were a special school “subject.” My answer to all of this is that I should not regard it as a “subject” at all. The preparation of the child for his full participation in the life of the Church is a much wider thing that the learning by heart of certain intellectual truths. It is a life in itself”. –Chapter 3 

These quotes and many more from Dr. Montessori form the foundation of her philosophy.

We invite you to join us in a course for people who have had Montessori training but whose training did not explore this spiritual foundation. To explore this foundation, we will study her major works. Revisiting the writings of Dr. Montessori, now that you have experience in the classroom, will give you further insights and new understandings. Exploring her philosophy with a group of people who share your twin passions – for Jesus and Montessori – is to reap an amazing harvest of wisdom.

This is a heavy duty but delightful experience with deep dives into her writings. (When we took our training everything was so new it was often hard to focus on what would be the most significant part of the experience.) Now, that you have mastered red rods 😊, it is a good time to take a look at the philosophy again.

The course reading list includes:

  • A Pearl of Great Price*

  • Montessori biography by E.M. Standing*

  • Secret of Childhood

  • Discovery of the Child#

  • The Child in the Church

  • Religious Potential of the Child*#

  • An Observers Notebook*

  • The Absorbent Mind

  • The Montessori Method#

  • Spontaneous Activity in Education

*Books not written by Montessori but essential to understanding the whole philosophy
# Books not in the Elementary reading list
In addition to the above list the elementary reading list includes:
From Childhood to Adolescence
To Educate the Human Potential
Religious Potential of the Child 6-12*

Along with the 80 hour, year-long course (two hours per week) you will also have access to the 24 philosophy videos that form the core of the CMF training program. It can almost be guaranteed that you will not have had a Montessori training course like this nor a spiritual experience in your educational life to compare with it.




We invite you to consider how this commitment can change the whole dynamic of your life.
The course starts Monday September 9th for elementary 7 to 9 P.M. Eastern Time (subject to change based on west coast enrollment)
Tuesday September 3rd for pre-school 8 to 10 P.M. Eastern time.     
Registration fee: $250 plus 6 monthly payments of $125 or one payment of $950.

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