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Future Training Projects

Be part of the exciting plans

You CAN help change the world - one child at a time.

The Christian Montessori Fellowship has been encouraging Christian Montessorians and Christian Montessori schools since 1983 by holding conferences, workshops, publishing material, providing Montessori training and establishing training centers across the US. While most of our early work has been in the United States we are now reaching people in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

We would like to share with you a unique opportunity to establish a school and training center in El Salvador.

Dowtown San Salvador, city center

When we first came to El Salvador we intended to open a Christian Montessori school. We soon realized however that the existing circumstances were not as favorable as they first appeared. So, we began to train teachers.  

And doors began to open - we were soon given the opportunity to help create a Christian Montessori school in a factory, for the children of their staff. The factory school became our model to show what could be done. The success of the children in the last four graduating classes was phenomenal.

The graduation class of Opico Christian Montessori school at the Tex Ops factory. Our students learned to read and write, do numbers and explored the world through their maps and studies.  

Covid arrived and that door closed shut. 


We returned our focus to building a brand new Lab School, here in El Salvador – this is a vital ingredient for an effective Training Centre. Our Christian Montessori Fellowship partners meanwhile were creating Training Centers all over the United States. Our aim to have Centre’s all over the world that will offer internationally recognized teacher certification was getting closer. 

To accomplish our local part of this mission  we needed a new location to house both the school and the training center. 

Saturday Christian Montessori training program in El Salvador. Teachers are making their own sandpaper letter tablets.

We found a new location that we knew would work wonderfully. We formulated a budget and took it to our community, asking their help in making it a reality. 

Because of the delightful weather in El Salvador a good part of the classroom can be held outside. This proposed location offers tremendous possibilities for a school, for a training center and for an International headquarters for Christian Montessori Fellowship.

Some Pre-development photos (above).

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